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Online news media generator

Klik.hr is a generator of all news from all Croatian news websites in one place.
KLIK.HR is a news portal that allows you to follow news from more than 100 most read portals and blogs in Croatia. It was created with the aim of giving readers a quick overview of all the news in one place. Klik.hr is read by more than 50,000 people every day.

If you want to buy a license for this portal and place it on other markets, we offer excellent conditions and complete know-how.

Eye health news

The Dioptrija.hr portal is the most visited website on eye health, which is read by people who have diopters and vision problems.  The goal of the portal is to serve as a quality channel of promotion and communication to clinics and ophthalmologists who want to communicate their expertise to potential patients and thus build their name, helping people with advice and their expertise.

Dioptrija.hr is read by more than 150,000 users every month.