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Media buying

Media buying - we will identify and purchase the best possible ad space on channels relevant to your audience, without breaking the bank.

Media buying is the process of buying media placements for advertising on TV, in publications, on the radio, digital signage, or on websites. We only do websites. The primary goal of media buying is to achieve the highest reach for the lowest possible price.

Before media buying – there is media planning. Media planning is the process of identifying and selecting media in which to place paid advertisements. We’ll choose the right media for you, considering your goals, audience and high hopes that every person has for his business.

We have excellent cooperation with all online news media in Croatia, including the largest ones, but also specialized or niche ones.

For our IT clients Typeqast and FreshBooks we have combined media buying with employer branding. Both companies were (in different periods) looking for programmers and we designed content that would attract their desired audience.

Typeqast & FreshBooks
Media buying & Employer branding